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Krishna Kutumb is a social community of devotional sector where devotees, priests, temples and Gods are connected through the network channel. Of course, we are talking about profiles of Gods and temples :P. People can like, comment, share the posts and can follow priests of different temples to remain connected with them always.

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Krishna Kutumb is an initiative to collect all the scattered entities of the devotional sector to one place.

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I am Founder & editor of is a website dedicated to web developers, programmers & tech enthusiasts. a Journey

Before I was working on a Social networking site similar to Facebook, I dedicated 1.5 years to that project but I failed, so I decided to start a blog related to Web developing.

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In Early 2015 I purchased domain, & started blogging.

Current Stats of

Currently, receives 100k users per with more than 150k Pageviews per month. Majority of traffic comes from united states & India.



Hi, I am Deven Rathore, a multidisciplinary  web designer,

I’m passionate about technology, music, coffee, travelling and everything visually stimulating. Constantly learning and experiencing new things.



I am an 18-year-old programmer & Entrepreneur From India, Who works on new & innovative ideas to make people life easier.